Little Audio Install

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Little Audio Install

Post  Ryan... on 26/04/12, 01:06 am

Been through a few installs already ranging from cheap crap to a massive box with 2 direct audio 15's

Last car was wrote off so bought another one.

So went with the following:

Pioneer DEH-8400BT
Ground Zero GZRW30SPL Sub
Fusion NV-CM65 Components
Memphis PRD1000.1
Ground Zero Iridium GZIA2125HPX
4 Guage to sub amp
8 Guage to speaker amp
0 Guage 'Big 3' up front cables
Bigger Battery

Car is fully sound deadened using SilentCoat 2mm

Box is around 2.8cft after displacement and tuned to around 40hz... Door cards are still being made but hes a few quick pics more when finished and covered

Hoping to have it done for Japfest so feel free to come for a listen Wink


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