Fuel/air Ratio Problem

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Fuel/air Ratio Problem

Post  PcKilla on 02/06/13, 02:09 pm


just installed my new build up Engine (g133bb Pistons, MLS Head Gasket, ARP Head stuts, MK1 modded Fuelrail, std. injectors, std. fuel pump) Smal Turbo out of an Volvo etc.

Engine runs fine on idle, but now i installed my AFR(AEM), which shows that in runs much to lean. Have to raise the fuel pressure to 5Bar and higher(72 Psi) to get an afr under 17 (should be 14.7 ?)

What u guys think, fuelpump ? injectors ? Is it possible to change the fuelpump without removing the tank ? is there a hole under the rear seats ?

Any other ideas ?

cheers from Vienna


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