1992 Suzuki Swift GTi 4WD for sale

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1992 Suzuki Swift GTi 4WD for sale

Post  basta002 on 24/03/17, 06:56 pm


I have a BROKEN Suzuki Swift GTi 4WD for sale.

Please note that, this car is a left hand drive car, it is NOT registered in the UK, and is NOT legal to use it on the roads. The engine's lost the cooling water on motorway, and the head gasket has burnt. It starts, but mixes the oil and the water. Pictures from 2013. Broken since July 2015.

This is a fully built and renewed 1992 Suzuki Swift GTi 4WD, the engine, and most of the parts are from a 1989 Mk2 GTi. Built in 2013.

1992 Japanese 3dr 4WD MK2 chassis, with GTi rear wing

GTi Recaro sport seats, GTi steering wheel (LHD), adjustable steering wheel height, black leather top, black painted plastic elements (PlastiDip matte), 2 keys
SOHC dashboard, oil pressure, oil temperature and volt meter gauges

Hitachi F5 computer with Stage I chip (rpm limit: 8700rpm)
- self diagnostic switch

Gas shock absorbers, front: Monroe, rear: Lip with 4WD factory springs
GTi Tokico front (reduced to 244 mm) and rear disc brakes with Ferodo brake pads
GTi brake booster
Power steering 4WD
Front strut tower brace
165/65 R14 Winter tyres

Block is from 4WD (G13BA), fully converted to G13B
GTi crankshaft, GTi 16 pistons, GTi connection rods, with STD size Suzuki bearings, NprEurope piston rings (STD)
Aisin oil pump (GTi)
Aisin water pump
Renewed head cylinder
Original 4WD gearbox
Nippart 200mm clutch
Nipparts Air filter
50 mm throttle body
50 mm MAF housing
Hitachi ignition (Nipparts rotor inside)
Jakoparts ignition cover
NGK BPR6ES spark plugs
original 7 mm ignition cables
NipponDenso starting engine
Denso generator
Used with ENEOS Premium 10W40 Oil


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